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Improving cyber health by uncovering your business’s cyber risk powered by an AI-driven tailored algorithm suited to your unique environment.

Unsure about your risk exposure on the web?

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), there is a cybercrime reported on an average every 7 minutes in Australia


in self-reported losses from cybercrime in Australia in 2020/21


of cyber breaches were related to small business


Every 10 minutes a cyber crime is being reported in Australia.


of SME’s have outdated or no cyber security proceses in place

About ViCyber

Who are we

ViCyber is an Australian based company whose mission is to simplify and strengthen cybersecurity for all businesses, irrespective of size, type or remit, with an aim to uplift and maintain cyber health in our community.

Our mission is to make every organisation in Australia feel cyber secure.

01 Check

Assess your

cyber health

Utilising the A.I latest tech we assess your business’ specific cyber health environment in an automated, low-cost way.

02 Predict

Predict your

cyber loss

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03 Comply

Asses your

compliance level

Asses compliance against industry top cyber standards to understand the cyber maturity of the business.

04 Fix

Reveal your

cyber liabilities

Identify cyber vulenerabilities and loopholes. We utilise our expert skills to repair issues.

05 Insure

Mitigate risk

with insurance

Recommend businesses cyber insurance tailored to their level threat landscape.

Why ViCyber?

Making Cyber Simple – Fusing A.I tech with experienced
cyber specialists

Automated A.I Scan

Scanning and analyses of the network and application for security vulnerabilities.

Global Database

Database of cyber risk data that is dynamic, allows benchmarking of your business against other companies.

Experienced techs

Our team bring a wealth of experience, ensuring top-notch solutions and support tailored to your unique technology requirement.

Affordable pricing

Cost effective measures that organisations can take to enhance their cyber security health.

End-to-end solution

Estimate accurate insurance for your business with end-to-end solutions and cyber risk assessments.

Australian owned

We are proud to be an Australian-owned company, committed to serving our local community.

Are you are risk?

Do you know your
cyber health score?

Our process

End-to-end solution


Cyber awareness of the unknown risks your business is exposed to.


Cyber assessment of the business environment, practices & network inc cloud & dark web.


Compliance check of cyber systems & practices against industry well known standards.


Cyber health score & financial loss prediction tailored to your business


Cyber health score & financial loss prediction tailored to your business


We service organisations in all
areas utilising data

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