Cyber assessment automated and easy to use across networks, cloud, web applications, end points and dark web

We perform 6-8 automated vulnerability assessment scans of your IT environment.

  • Identifies the vulnerabilities and threats in your environment
  • Assesses cyber health of your SaaS applications
  • Provides  detailed information on vulnerabilities and their severity of impact
  • Recommends mitigation steps to fix to improve cyber health

Services included

  • Network assessment

    Evaluates the security of any network infrastructure.

  • End point assessment

    Evaluates the security of end points.

  • Cloud assessment

    Evaluates the security of cloud-based services.

  • Dark web assessment

    Evaluates the security of dark web services.

  • Web application assessment

    Evaluates the security of web applications.

How we help

Features & benefits

Tailored to your environement

We only perform the scans that you need depending on the size, complexity of your IT, systems, applications without the need to spend on

Comprehensive coverage

We cover all aspects of your business and IT environment be it on premise or not, third party applications or in house

Simplified results

We speak your language and make the technical information simplified

Regular updates

With our subscription service we take the pain away and provide you with regular updates on your cyber health as the threat environment changes

How it works

Our process

So what’s next?

Our team of experts are ready to assist you with conducting a comprehensive audit of your cyber landscape. Backed by our Cyber Health Check product.

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