About us

Vi /meaning: Strength in Latin and ViCyber stands for strength in cybersecurity

ViCyber is an Australian based company whose mission is to simplify and strengthen cybersecurity for all businesses, irrespective of size, type or remit, with an aim to uplift and maintain cyber health in our community.

Our mission

Helping you feel
cyber secure

Our mission is to make every organisation in Australia cyber healthy.

ViCyber delivers continuous cyber health improvement by uncovering your business’s cyber risk powered by an AI-driven tailored algorithm suited to your unique environment, benchmarking you against your peers with a risk score

Our values

We make
complicated simple

Our vison

An affordable
solution to protect
your business

  • Cyber awareness of the unknown risks business is exposed to

  • Compliance check of cyber systems and practices against industry well known standards

  • Cyber assessment of the business environment, practices and network including cloud and dark web

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