Assesses the risk of cyber loss for your business

Cyber Risk Prediction: Mitigating Financial Losses Proactively

  • Identifies the risk of significance, loss size and likelihood of potential cyber threats
  • Benchmarking your business to your industry
  • Based on real data of cyber attacks globally
  • Quantification modelled on a AI algorithm that adapts to the threat data as it changes

Services included

  • Custom report & health score

    Our reports and health scores provide a comprehensive analysis, empowering you to assess the impact of cyber threats on your financial landscape

  • Our recommendations

    Recommendation to focus risks that matter the most for your business and optimise your ROI on cyber spend

  • Cyber attack prediction

    Prediction of the number of cyber attack events and their likelihood to occur in next 12 months for your business.

  • Prioritise cyber security risks

    Our expert team helps you prioritise and address vulnerabilities based on risk levels, enabling you to take decisive action and fortify your defences where it matters most.

  • Financial loss prediction

    Prediction of a financial loss by risk vector and the total loss for your business

  • Actionable steps

    Our expert guidance equips you with practical and effective measures to mitigate cyber threats

The power of
Artificial Intelligence

Our advanced AI technology analyses key business characteristics to forecast potential financial losses from cyber attacks. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to protect your bottom line with confidence.

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Features & benefits

Risk assessment

Our expert team, leveraging up-to-date cyber frameworks, conducts meticulous evaluations to uncover vulnerabilities and assess potential risks

Reliable & Trustworthy

Rely on accurate insights to gauge your preparedness, identify areas for improvement, and ensure the ongoing protection

Expert advice

Our seasoned professionals provide tailored guidance and effective strategies to reduce your organization’s cybersecurity risk

How it works

Our process

So what’s next?

Our team of experts are ready to assist you with conducting a comprehensive audit of your cyber landscape. Backed by our Cyber Health Check product.

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